Thursday, November 19, 2009

STOP PRESS! Social Unrest in De Doorns

Over the weekend, trouble began to brew in the agricultural area of De Doorns between locals and (mostly) Zimbabwean nationals. Yesterday about 1000 -2000 people boarded trucks and police vehicles and went to stay temporarily in tents. A team from the Trauma Centre was asked to come and assess the situation with regard to mental health requirements. They went this morning; so watch this space and we will try to keep you updated. We get bulletins from various role players.

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Interns Reflect on their Experience

Eugene Booysen: (B. Psych. UWC)
The first month was challenging due to having to adapt from a University environment to one of work. Personally this process was educational and contributed to my personal growth. A significant object at the TC for me, was the tree in the middle of the courtyard. Just as the tree is going through seasonal changes, so did I; gradually achieving my goals and finding my true self.

In conclusion, my journey at the Trauma Centre awakened my potential and abilities. Carl Jung highlighted that one’s vision would only become clear when one looks within oneself. Those who look outside, dream; but those who look within, awaken.

Trevor Tshabalala (Final year B. Psych at UWC – intern for 3 months):
Working at the TC has been a very insight-gaining experience in counselling. You are never just treating the trauma – trauma is almost like a mask for other unresolved issues which enables the person to seek help.
It has also broadened my scope of knowledge about trauma and how it is related to other mental disorders like depression and anxiety, from which so many people in our communities suffer, but are left untreated. It has been an amazing journey so far, working with a group of committed, supportive and knowledgeable trauma counsellors.

Luleka Soko (Qualified nurse and final year B. Psych at UWC)

I personally gained my confidence at the Trauma Centre because I started to practise all the theory that I gained from University. The correlation between learning and practice became real e.g. learning about xenophobia and then experiencing how the Trauma Centre responds to foreigners. The historical background of the organisation is in itself, indicative of unity amongst our communities. The different programs attempt to build up new, psychologically healthy communities. In addition, the vision of bringing free services closer to people shows that Trauma Centre staff care. I also think that trauma work is the key - for people who have suffered from other mental illnesses, traumatic events often trigger the underlying distress e.g. depression.

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