Friday, July 9, 2010

Creativity in Adversity

Siphora Designs

Francise has experienced many xenophobic attacks and threats since coming to South Africa from the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2001.

Nevertheless she is not one who allows herself to become depressed by her situation. She set up Siphora Designs and works from home designing and making impeccably crafted cushions using imported materials. She takes orders by e-mail: and the cushions sell for R100 for small sizes to R250 for large ones.

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  1. People like Francise has to be encouraged and suppoted in any way or another.
    If the community is complaining about foreigners taking their jobs then i believe they should witness how difficult for a refugee to make a living in this country.
    Initiaves like these need a helping hand and support.
    I just want to compliment Francise on her Project.


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